70% Alcohol

Professional disinfection

70% Alcohol

We take care of your whole body

Hand Sanitizer

We develop sanitizing solutions to make your everyday safer and protect you from common and not so common germs. Still leaving your hands soft and moisturized.

Extra soft, with glycerin and tea tree
Free of parabens and triclosan

Hand Sanitizer Clear


Hand Sanitizer Lavender


Hand Sanitizer Aloe


Properties of the Tea Tree

The tea tree oil is quite unusual as it has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. The oil comes from the tea tree which grows wild in parts of Australia.

There are a lot of tea tree oil soap benefits you should know. As mentioned earlier, tee tree oil soap does more than enhance the beauty of your skin. It is also an excellent antibacterial soap which helps get rid of impurities.


Liquid soap

As part of our integral development, we develop liquid soap to take care of all your hands and that of your family.

Meet our entire line of delicious fragances, you will find one for each member of your family.

Available in: 18oz, 36oz & 56oz

8fl oz too

Foaming hand soap

Foaming Soap Clear

available in:

Foaming Soap Lavender

available in:

Foaming Soap Aloe

available in: